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Ready to host group trips like it’s what you’ve been doing your whole life?

Let me take you by the hand and show you how it’s done in 3 easy steps so you can leave the stress behind and focus on what really matters: 


Creating that once-in-a-lifetime trip or retreat for your guests…

…and making a living from your passion

with my Complete Group Trip & Retreat Planning Course

You are a travel agent feeling worn out by the endless cycle of creating custom packages for clients, only to make a fraction of the money you deserve for not having a personal life.

You are your family’s (or friends’) go-to Thanksgiving / birthday party / family vacation organizer, and you’ve had enough of investing your time and energy with no financial returns.

You are an influencer, blogger, health and fitness professional, or someone who just loves to travel and you feel like it’s finally time for you to start monetizing your influence and passion by hosting group travel.

Feel free to silently raise your hand if:

But I want you to know: It’s not your fault!

Creating that “Best time of my life” group trip for your guests and a personally & financially fulfilling life for yourself.

Maybe hosting group trips and retreats has been on your mind for a while, but every time you turn to Google for help you are left with more questions than answers, and have no idea where to start…

...or maybe your host agency promised to equip you with everything you’d need to take the travel game by storm, then left you without the adequate training to host group travel

Or you might have hosted a group trip or two in the past, but the process was overwhelming and you didn’t make any profits… or maybe even lost money.

I know how demoralizing this feels...

You may have been told to steer clear of group trips because they are a nightmare.

You may believe that you need a bunch of money and a lot of connections.

It’s not because organizing group trips can’t be profitable, and certainly not because you are not capable. You are more than capable. I know it because you are here!

But the truth is, all you need is to know what to do step by step so you can skip the self-doubt, stress and guesswork, and focus on the real important stuff:

And I’m here to help you do just that.

I’m a travel addict and a travel muse to many. I live in Bali, Indonesia and I curate epic group travel experiences for those in the diaspora with my travel event company, Black Travel Fest. 

Go to college, and get a degree. Get a job at a respectable company. Go back to college for a Master’s degree at a prestigious university. Get another job at an even more respectable firm.

Until, somewhere along the way between the endless client meetings and 70+ hour workweeks, I realized that I wasn’t on the path that would lead me to happiness.

So one day I decided to take the leap and moved to Bali. I hosted my first event there for a group of friends in 2017, then one thing led to another, and 10 months later I founded my own travel company, Black Travel Fest.

And can I just say: founding Black Travel Fest was the best decision I’ve ever made. It transformed my life in ways I would have never expected.

Since then I’ve hosted more than 400 amazing melanated travelers in 5 countries across 2 continents. My job is to provide the joy of travel to others which brings a higher level of fulfilment into my life than I could have ever wished for.

And guess what, Friend?

I took all the knowledge that helped me to get to where I am now, and dropped it all into one juicy online course.

In this course, I literally take you by the hand and walk you through step by step from the second the idea of group trips is born in your head to the moment you throw yourself on the couch with an ear-to-ear smile on your face and pat yourself on the back: “I made it!” (And beyond.)

I teach you the exact steps I take when organizing every single group trip - the process that allowed me to create a 7-figure travel business doing what I’m passionate about.

But it wasn’t always like that…

I’ve spent my entire life following the “success blueprint”.

I am literally living the dream!

(Psst... I’ve also far surpassed my corporate salary.)

Hi! I'm Deirdre

I want in on Deirdre’s Complete Group Trip & Retreat Planning Course!

You may ask “Why on earth would you do that, doesn’t it create competition for you?”

But here’s the thing:

Travel is a highly personal experience that every individual encounters in their own unique ways. The experience you curate will be very different from what I and others create, so our markets will also be different. For us group trip curators this means endless possibilities.

I truly believe that there is room for everyone in group travel.

And the fact is: Black Travel Fest events consistently sell out in record time, with people left out that can’t get in. This tells me that the market desperately needs more passionate group travel curators, just like you, to serve all the amazing melanated folks eager to travel.

So let me teach you how to go from stressing over useless Google searches of “how to organize group trips” to actually organizing a profitable group trip or retreat your guests are singing hymns about... a travel business that frees you from the mental slavery of your 9 to 5 a meaningful life where you don’t live each day just to get through it financial freedom where you don’t have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills next month or whether you will be able to afford college for your kids.

"The classes were straight to the point without any fluff and provided a lot of tools and resources to plan and execute a group travel trip. If you are interested in planning a group travel trip, this course will provide keys to successfully plan group travel trips that your travelers will enjoy!"

Introducing my Complete Group Trip & Retreat Planning Course


"A LOT of value! It was detailed, organized and well thought out. I have quite a bit of travel experience and was somewhat familiar with some of the content; however, there were many topics and tips included that I never truly thought about. This course is worth the investment. The mode of presentation, the length, the tips...everything was effective. Thanks a lot for doing this and for sharing your knowledge."


• The #1 factor you should always consider when choosing your destination. Miss this and you could end up in court

• How to “spy your way” to credible vendors

• Why choosing the wrong dates can prevent your trip from selling out (it’s not what you think)

• The simplest element of your itinerary that only takes 1 minute to add, but will give your guests a more fulfilling experience (bonus: you’ll feel more relaxed during the trip too)

• The 4 basic but critical elements of every successful group trip that surprisingly many trip curators get wrong

• 2 key decisions never to miss before building your budget. Never!

• My calculo-phobia-proof way of creating a rock-solid budget for your trip

• The 4 factors only top tier group trip organizers consider when calculating their prices

• #9 Refund policies

Here’s a peek inside:

Here are few nuggets of what you can expect:

This part is absolutely the meat of the course. You will learn everything you need to put together an amazing package from exciting stuff like choosing your destination and creating the itinerary, to the not-so-exciting but necessary details such as budgeting and refund policies.

This is the fun part! Now that you have all the details of your trip down to perfection, it’s time to sell the heck out of it. And of course, delivering that “Best time of my life” experience to your guests. This section includes everything from marketing to payments to how to host your trip.

• How to schedule customer payments so your cash flow doesn’t crash & burn (trust me, you don’t want that to happen!)

• The marketing strategy that will get your ideal guest buzzing about your trip

• My approach to managing the ins-and-outs of the trip so you don't miss any important details.

• What to do on site to make sure you're fostering an environment that creates lifetime fans for your trips 

• The ONE thing 8 out of 10 dissatisfied group trip curators have in common - and how to avoid it.

• How to define a target audience that will become your travel tribe.

• How to nail down the experience you offer to make your ideal guest go “this was my first trip but not my last”

Here’s a sneak peek inside:

I’ve seen many group trip organizers skip this crucial step and that’s a huge MISTAKE. Miss this step and no matter how carefully planned your trip is, it will be doomed to failure.


Step 1 - Pre-planning: Gaining clarity

Step 2 - Planning your “once-in-a-lifetime-trip”

Step 3 - Selling & managing your trip

"This course came at the right time in my life, as I was toying around a Group trip partnership in Ghana with my former tour guide. It gave me the confidence to understand his world and challenge the itinerary trip costing/pricing. I'm now more confident to venture and launch myself in the organizer seat. Well done for compiling such an extensive resource!"

MEET Christina

Listen, you and I are both travel addicts so let’s get real.

This is everything I wish
someone had handed me when
I launched my first Black Travel Fest event 3 years ago,
full of doubts whether I’ll
ever make it or not.

But if you constantly worry about what the next step is, whether your trip will close or whether your vendors will provide the service you agreed on, the whole experience will turn into a source of stress and will rob you (and your guests) of all the joy.

That event turned out to be a success and brought in more than $250K in revenue. But had I known what I know today, it could have been much much more...

Travel should always be about enjoyment and fulfilment. Even if you host a group trip and you are there to serve your guests, you should still enjoy the experience. After all, that’s why you want to do it, right?

Let me give you my process and tools for consistently creating social media content that connects with your future travelers, increases engagement, and creates excitement for your trips and retreats

...with minimal stress and effort!


Influencers have paid me


If you add it all up, the value of the course plus ALL the bonuses, is worth well 

But I’m giving you access to all the knowledge at a steal of a price, because I know what it’s like to have a dream but be full of doubts about it.

over $4,070.


Today you can get it all for $997 only.

jump in for $997!

Three payments of $387 please!

jump on in!

Here’s what you’ll get again:

My 3-step process to creating a profitable group trip/retreat from A to Z

Luxury travel voucher for Mexico

My Instagrammable Photo Training to create effortlessly composed travel photos (for marketing of course)

Social Media Content Vault to crank out one week of social media content in 30 just minutes

Video lessons, templates, workbooks, dynamic calculators to support your learning

Lifetime access

This price is only introductory and will go up in the future, so if you want to lock it in, then

Got any questions? Ask away!

Q: How many live coaching sessions are included and when are they happening?

Q: How long does it take to learn what’s in the course and to be able to implement the knowledge?

Q: I have not organized any group travel yet, not even for friends & family. Can I still benefit from this course?

Q: I’ve never traveled in my life. Can this still be a good fit for me?

Q: Isn’t it risky to get into group travel in the middle of a pandemic?

Q: I want to organize the trips and retreats, but I don’t want to attend. Is this possible?

Q: I’ve paid my host agency a fortune for training, but didn’t get any value out of it. How is this one different?

Your first live coaching sessions begin on the 1st of March, and are held once a week. This will be your opportunity to get live feedback on your planning and ask any questions you may have.

I designed this course based on my real experience organizing group trips and retreats for both my company and for other travel companies. I've included everything you need to know and none of the things that you don't. It’s all based on experience, not theory. If you execute the lessons well, you’ll get the value out of the course. 

I've seen people make their way to the course and start implementing as quickly as a week (though I prefer a slower pace). That said, I think the ideal amount of time is around 7 weeks.

Absolutely! This course walks you step-by-step through exactly what you need to know, so even if you haven't done it before you'll be positioned for success.

This course still applies even if you want to do domestic trips and retreat. Automatically people always think about organizing internationally, but there is an entire space for hosting group trips and retreats within your own country, so even if you haven't left the country yet you can still use the course to organize local travel experiences.

It’s always a great idea to invest in education, and it's better to learn now even if you plan to host your first event next year than to wait to start learning and planning at the same time in the future. I have several students planning to launch in 2022, and they are offering extended length payment plans.

For those that plan to host group travel in the near-term, there are special lessons that walk you through what you need to know about operating during a pandemic.

Most definitely. When I first got into group trips and retreats, I was organizing on behalf of other travel companies. I attended only about 50% of them at the time, basically attending the ones with guests I knew I would enjoy. Now with Black Travel Fest, I almost always attend. But, that’s just because I really, really enjoy it.