Of all the blogs in all the world you ended up in mine, and for that, I’m forever grateful. Since you’re here, I believe an introduction is in order.

Today I describe myself as a nature lover, waterfall aficionado, mindset mentor, expat expert, and best life promoter. I’m also a serial entrepreneur and an avid globetrotter.


Deirdre Amola

Straight out of college I joined the second-largest oil and gas company in the world and began traveling the world to audit their joint ventures.

Believe it or not, that eventually became stale as I felt there must be something more stimulating to take on.

I studied finance and accounting in undergrad and am a proud HBCU graduate.

Strategy consulting was an interesting rollercoaster that gave me the opportunity to work on teams that solved massive problems for Fortune 500 companies. Imagine sitting in a room advising top executives about what course of action they should take. Well, that was my life, but it came with some huge drawbacks as well. I had little time to sleep, eat properly, stay connected with friends and family, or even enjoy the smallest things in life.

This led me to get my MBA at Chicago Booth and pursue a career in strategy consulting.

It was on this day that I decided to make a life change, as in building the life I wanted type of change.

One day, I literally looked in the mirror and said to myself is this the life I want? Looking back at me was a puffy-eyed, sleep-deprived, emotionally depleted girl with the slightest flicker of hope that still twinkled.

What came next is the type of journey that my wildest dreams couldn’t have imagined and yet my eyes and being have experienced.

My goal with this blog is to inspire you to be daring and dare to do more.

This could be daring to live your best life,
daring to push beyond your comfort zone, or daring to travel further and longer than you ever have before. We all need to dare to do something.

Today, I spend my days in Bali, Indonesia actively in pursuit of happiness, though I think it’s already found me.

You’ll probably enjoy this blog if you:

are an avid traveler or have plans to start traveling the world, and are looking for a bit of insight

are looking to build a powerful mindset

are thinking of moving abroad

are visiting Bali

are an entrepreneur

like a good laugh

Thank you so much for dropping in to my blog!

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