Bangkok is quite the assault on the senses at any time of year, with endless sights, smells and sounds coming from every direction (not to mention cars and motorbikes - you need your wits about you on the Bangkok streets!). Add in the March humidity, where it's stiflingly hot and your clothes are soaked


january 8, 2021

Black traveler in
Bangkok, Thailand

Protect your peace! This is a phrase we've all heard a million times right?
Well it bears repeating, but before you can protect your peace you have to claim it. This phrase never meant much to me until I entered a truly peaceful state. When I did, the contrast to everything


january 5, 2021

your peace

Friends, I was terrified, but I did it anyway. I think all great entrepreneurial journeys start with a phrase like this because as much as we like to believe that people who start enterprises are fearless and infinitely capable, we’re human just like everyone else.


january 2, 2021

I was terrified,
but I did it anyway